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Country Griffon Show

Thank you for having me at your show, I really enjoyed meeting everyone. 

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them.



Due to the high volume of images I have resized them all to suite the web and social media however if you see a image you would like to print please contact me with the file name and I will forward you a high resolution file.

Please click the download button on your images and if you have a moment please have a little look at the rest of my page.

Sydney Dog Photography-016
Sydney Dog Photography-035
Sydney Dog Photography-067
Sydney Dog Photography-089
Sydney Dog Photography-117
Sydney Dog Photography-148
Sydney Dog Photography-231
Sydney Dog Photography-258
Sydney Dog Photography-300
Sydney Dog Photography-679
Sydney Dog Photography-682
Sydney Dog Photography-704
Sydney Dog Photography-740
Sydney Dog Photography-779
Sydney Dog Photography-813
Sydney Dog Photography-945
Sydney Dog Photography-957
Sydney Dog Photography-965
Sydney Dog Photography-991
Sydney Dog Photography-980
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